Electric Reactors
of Russia & the CIS


Attention Electric Power Professionals!

“The nation is at, or is fast approaching, a crisis stage with respect to reliability of transmission grids.”

                                       —North American Electric Reliability Council, May 2001

If you're concerned with the

of electric power and power systems— then read on!

Utilities in Russia, Ukraine, China, Brazil, and elsewhere are finding that they can control electric power transmission in 20 to 1150 kV systems smoothly and automatically up to 500 Mvar, with a new Magnetically Controlled Shunt Reactor (MCR). This reactor, designed by some of Russia's top scientists, has been tested in the field now for over 20 years, and is now headed for major production and export.

America's current and developing power transmission environment demands a flexible AC transmission system (FACTS) whose No. 1 feature is reliability. The good news is that it's possible— right away— for about the same outlay and maintenance costs as for ordinary transformers of equivalent parameters.

Of course, cost is not the main issue in the construction of large electrical grids. But reliability, efficiency, stability, and energy savings are. And those are exactly the benefits that this equipment provides. ISO-9000 certified, IEC standardized, and proven in the field for 20 years now— MCRs outperform thyristor-controlled reactors (TCRs) and other compensators in all areas— and they do significantly outperform in costs as well!

Now, more efficiently and reliably than ever before, you can

Here are some of the benefits and advantages of MCRs over TCRs:

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