Electric Reactors
of Russia and the CIS

About the CERC Consortium
and Expanding Edge LLC,
its American representative

Several electrical engineering companies in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) have been developing and producing arc-quenching and shunt reactors for industrial and residential electric grids for over ten years.

Among these, the following companies have organized themselves as the Controllable Electric Reactor Consortium (CERC):

  • Energy Electrotechnical Plant of Ramenskoe
    (Russia) ("REZE"),
  • Zaporozhtransformator (Ukraine) ("ZTR"),
  • The All-Russia Electrical Engineering Institute ("VEI"),
  • VEI's Scientific & Engineering Center in Togliatti
    ("VEI-SEC"), and
  • Controllable Electric Reactors (Russia), as leader of the Consortium.

The Consortium oversees the development, production, delivery, debugging, and maintenance of magnetically controllable electric reactors (MCRs) of up to 500 MVA and 1150 kV for high-power grids and substations. The manufacturers of the MCR are ISO-9002 certified.

CERC has contracted with Expanding Edge LLC, an international business consulting and development firm in San Anselmo, California, to represent its interests outside the CIS and especially in the USA. Expanding Edge's principals are Mark D. Galperin, PhD, a former Russian nuclear physicist and Moscow business leader, and Mr. John Burnett, who has a background as a technical writer, educator, and paralegal.


Mark D. Galperin, PhD

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