Electric Reactors
of Russia & the CIS

Benefits of Magnetic Control
for Reactive Power Compensation
and Grid Voltage

and why MCRs are best for this crucial job!

Prof. Alexander M. Bryantsev, Moscow Power Institute, Smolensk; Mark D. Galperin, PhD, Expanding Edge LLC, San Francisco; Prof. George A. Evdokunin, St. Petersburg State Technical University, St. Petersburg, Andrei G. Dolgopolov, Sc.D, All-Russia Electrical Engineering Institute, Moscow

Magnetically controlled reactors (MCRs) and thyristor-controlled reactors (TCRs) achieve similar benefits, but MCRs achieve them more reliably, more sustainably, without the usual "sudden death failure period" of TCRsó and at lower cost. Letís look first at some of the advantages of controllable reactors:

Benefits of Controllable Reactors

Advantages of MCRs over other controllable reactors

MCRs achieve these benefits because they offer the advantages of much greater reliability, simplicity of maintenance, economy, and energy efficiency to power quality control. Here are some details.


Simplicity of Installation and Maintenance

Economy and Energy Efficiency



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